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Rapid Update

A quick update, as I'm badly tired and suffering from a little too much alcohol and not enough food.

The rehersal on Tuesday went better than I hoped, two key members are back and the difference was obvious. One section is now mostly in time (as opposed to mostly out of time and having a tendancy to speed up and then complain that everyone else are speeding up).

Completely overdid it playing badminton yesterday (no surprise, but I wish I could stop the 'desperate defense' tactic).

Anyway, we had one member of staff have his last day today, we had a little do at work, then continued into the city for a drink and then meal. I stayed for the drink, but didn't continue for the meal - which was my plan. I did stay too long at the drink and I really should remember that the bitter I drink is stronger than the normal bitter and that I don't drink that much due to the painkillers.

I'm finishing my pot of tea off and finding my bed. Its another tough day at work tomorrow and I have to be firing on all cylinders - the faster I get rid of stuff, the faster more appears. I still haven't started the new assessment system and time is starting to show itself.
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