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Here we go again

Another fun week at work to look forward to. Students will start to panic as the autumn deadlines are approaching fast and I have the webserver to rebuild. As usual the forum will get 'heated' as students complain about the lack of time/help instead of their inability to do some work;-)

Test match is interesting currently, day 4 (of 5) and its in England's favour. Although a draw is likely as the pitch is 'flat' and good for batting but not for bowling teams out (which is needed to win). Today's play will give us a better idea, but thats cricket.

I have a hospital appointment for my wrist at 10.00am so I'll get to work, then leave as its easier to catch the bus instead of fighting my way to a car park (plus it would work out cheaper). Whats the betting my wrist is fine for the appointment but awful Tuesday.

Sometimes I do wonder if I should take a deep breath and change direction. Is the fight worth fighting for, why should I bother. Ack - looks like I'm too tired and the 'depressed' mood is starting to win. Time for a meeting with my bed I think.
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