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Happy All Hallows Eve

A Happy All Hallows Eve (or whichever is your preference) to everyone. I'm not one to celebrate it much, but it isn't as big a thing in the UK compared to the US (and not really done as well either). Tonight quite a few of the people at work are at the local them park Alton Towers for a 'record breaking ghost hunt'. Basically they are getting the people in the hunt to fill out questionaires and other such fun in the 'Gothic Ruins' in the place itself. A bit more info is located the frightnights website. It'll either be a excellent thing for the department or a complete disaster. Thats life I suspose.

Anyway, on this day I do like to point out that I live in whats probably the most haunted place in the UK. If anyone ever visits (cue mad laughter) a Ghost walk is probably a must.

Anyway, it was another long day at work - phyiso appointment today which was good as I was offical 'discharged'. I just really need to make a few changes to my lifestyle which aren't too hard to do in truth, but will take a bit of working to get me to do for one reason or another. Some students are grumbling that I don't allow them to start polls on the forum at work - there's no way I'm doing that as I honestly can't trust them to be 'intelligent' in using them. I would like to give them lots of options - but its coupled with the amount of time I would spend keeping an eye on the forum.

Oh well, tomorrow night is badminton so I have that to look forward to at least.
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