madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Fire Alarm fun...

Well, its a different afternoon thats for sure. This morning the fire alarms went off - I found out later it was a drill. Nothing much there, as I'm in a block with its own (not linked) system - thats also the reason I wasn't 'asked' to be a fire marshall.

The second alarm this afternoon was not a drill. One academic had a small electric shock from a light switch - this may have set the fire alarm off (surge mayhap?). Anyway, one visit by the fire brigade a quick check and everyone goes back to work. Except me of course, I have to drop into my health and safety role as a member of staff was involved. Although extremely minor and not really worth noting I have to fill out the 'incident form'. Which is big but not too hard to fill in - it needs to be done though and I ended up doing it.

Once all this is sorted and dusted (the various copies of the form sent to the correct people) I now find that my afternoon has disappeared. Its amazing how long all these things take.

Ah well, my Health and Safety and First Aider 'hats' are now put away.
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