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Sometime I think I'll be able to get some sleep or at least slow down a bit. Another long day at work (I had to drag myself awake today, not a pretty sight), followed by the 'show' dress rehersal. Work wasn't too bad (well, compared to Wednesday at least). Tomorrow I'm hoping to get rid of some 'little' tasks and jobs that I need to do - well, thats the plan but the best laid plans and all that......

The rehersal could have been better. One of the pieces of music I have (and probably the hardest) had to be redone as part of it was in the wrong key. The show is on Saturday and I have a hard piece of music, which (of course) I have 2 solo 'intro' parts. One of these is in the key of B Major (5 friggin sharps) - that is not fun and I haven't the foggiest how I'll get it.

Oh - I also left my cell at work yesterday and the battery died as well. Sorry babyghia I got your text message way too late. I'll make a note to insult you a bit more to make up for it :-p

Oh well, its almost Friday so another day at work. I should go to badminton in the evening but I may give it a miss and try to rest up.
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