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Today has been not too brilliant. It started as usual (well, actually I had to drag myself up again). Nothing major happening so I started sorting a sun box out for rebuild so I can create a 'reserve' webserver. The plan is that this box will monitor the main server and copy all the data across to it - if the main server drops out in theory it should then 'drop in' and take over control (until the main server is got back online).

That was all going well - I had the computer apart to sort a noisy fan when it over balanced and started to fall off the desk. Without thinking I caught it mainly with my right hand. Unfortunatly I sustained several cuts and the hand itself took a mighty blow. Nothing major in truth - but the cuts are on my three middle fingers, near the tips - which will make it more difficult to play my flute tomorrow (its the show tomorrow). The main part of the hand feels bruised so I hope it doesn't stiffen up tomorrow - I suspect I'll be on all my painkillers tomorrow. Pain I can deal with - stiff fingers are not good for playing a flute. At least plasters on my fingers won't cause problems with the flute - the keys are solid. On the clarinet the finger itself closes some of the tone holes whereas the flute keys themselves make the seal.

Oh, also we had some power problems at work this afternoon. Only a few seconds (enough to shutdown the computers but the servers are on a UPS) but annoying enough. Apparently there was a huge fault in the city which was we caught the 'tail' of the problem. It was really annoying as I was trying to finish something off and the power just caused me problems. I also was updating the openboot prom on the 'reserve' webserver (its a type of BIOS chip but much more useful) so it would behave better and that needed no powercuts while updating. Luckily that updated fine - at least that went right but I suspose it did owe me as it had bashed my hand.

Oh well - busy day tomorrow and I hope I can rest on Sunday at least.
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