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The show didn't go too badly, I found the place in Ruddington quite easily, the drive to it was also quite nice. One of the violinists was grumbling because of the seating (if he'd arrived on time then we may have been able to do something about it). Also because the flute (myself) player was in the middle of the violinists (don't ask me why, thats where I was told to sit) where tradionally I would sit behind them but with places like this we have to compromise with the space available. I was ready to thump him as I wasn't in the best mood myself. My bashed right hand was hurting and the noise was starting to get on my nerves.

Anyway, we survived and the show went fairly well, the audience was bigger than expected and even with the bangs of fireworks going off (Guy Fawkes night is tonight but a lot of bonfire parties were on Saturday).

Needless to say I decided to take the scenic route home to ensure I didn't arrive home annoyed. That worked and the show happens again in a couple of weeks but the place is only a couple of miles away from home so its easier to get to and we shouldn't need to get there too early.......
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