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Quick update

Work was hell today - it was 'one of those days' where not much was going right. They happen and thats that - deal with it and continue.

Rehersal tonight - could have gone better, people were messing lines up all over the place and to REALLY create a mess I forgot to repeat a section of music (normally you repeat only once but with singers you often have to repeat a section several times which can make if harder). As I missed the repeat, the person singing got confused and thought he'd missed something and everything ground to a halt.... I was the only person with the tune and as I messed up...........

Ah - the house of cards sceanario...

Anyway, eldest sister is borrowing my car tomorrow as hers is dying and she's moving house (one part of Derby to another). I'll drive to my work and then she'll take the car and 'hopefully' pick me up after work. Show is Saturday at 7.30pm - not looking forward to it (big surprise).

Oh well, time to find my bed (and at least be up in the morning for when sister arrives...)
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