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Show - take 2

That was not too pleasant.

We had an extra rehersal on Thursday night for the show we did a couple of weeks ago - that rehersal was basically awful. Not much went right (either the cast or us musicians). Tonight was the 'other' showing of the play - basically, at the 'home' of the cast.

Well, tonight could have gone better - I was having serious trouble playing my flute and it was getting to me a bit as well. One funny part was when one of the cast missed a line out which was the cue for us to start playing the next song. Luckily the prompter reminded them and we shot off (it had to be that piece which didn't have anywhere for me to breath).

Needless to say I was fighting all the time trying to get notes out (and my tuning was 'patchy' as well). The 'orchestra' leader (and I tend to agree) thought that I have a 'sticking pad or two' on my flute which would probably account for all the problems I had. I know the saying 'a bad workman blames his tools) but the way the flute was 'feeling' does lay a lot of evidence to that fact. Looks like I need to save and get the flute serviced - its about due to be looked at but its a fair cost to get it done, luckily I do have another flute but its not as nice to play (but probably works a heck of a lot better than my 'main' one).

Next week is the 'group dinner' which all the food is based on the time of the play (1800's). I've volunteered to make peasepudding so I borrowed one of my mothers cookbooks with the receipe in - looks fairly simple so I should be able to handle it, I just need to find some split peas at the shops next week.

Edit: Oh, I forgot - we could hardly hear the cast singing which made it interesting when trying to time the music to them singing......
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