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Made it past the concert, now whats next

Okay, the concert went better than I expected - luckily our absent trumpet player (absent because his work has sent him to Thailand for 3 years) was around this week and his plane was changed so he was able to play in the concert. Some of the music he plays is not well covered anywhere else (or by the people).

I survived, well, I mean my wrist made it to the end, although the last few pieces were problematic due to the pain and stiffening of the fingers/wrist. Those last ones were ones where it was 'hideable'. Our oboeists monologues had the place in stiches, one of them is here He makes such a good speaker though which makes it even better.

Anyway, it finished and I got home and trying to recover. A very late dinner for me, but thats how it goes with concert days. This one was an afternoon concert dinner was late because I had a later lunch to ensure I didn't go hungry at the concert. Evening concerts are slightly different - early lunch and a large snack beforehand and then something more substantial (if I feel like it).

One less thing to worry about now, no concert to panic for. Maybe it'll clear a bit of space to let me sort some of the other things out - more likely something else will jump in and drag me down.
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