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Time out

Today, tomorrow and Monday I've taken off as annual leave. Basically I need a break - I've been running on 120% for 3 months or so and finally my energy has finally failed. So, its a few days of rest and relaxation. Although I doubt that will fully happen I should get a fair amount of housework and such like done which will make the house look cleaner and that'll make me happier because I don't see the mess.

Stayed up a little too late (early) last night as the first Ashes test started and I heard some of the first couple of sessions. England are not doing well but there are 4 days of this test and 4 more tests still so its not over yet. Problem being is that it is being played in Australia which is 10 hours ahead of me (the days play starts at 10.00am).

Tomorrow evening its badminton followed by a quick drink with the group at a local(ish) pub. A nice cold bitter or real ale is extremely welcome and I should go out for a pint or two a bit more. No major drinking sessions or anything, just one or two in a proper English pub is all thats needed.

Oh yeah - sometime this weekend I need to dismantle the computer - I treated myself to a DVD Rewriter and I have to drag the machine out which is not easy as I have quite a lot of cables going into the computer so its not exactly an easy task to get the machine out and back in again. Oh well, thats life.

I think I'll have a slightly earlier night tonight, can't do the early morning very well at the moment. Energy levels are far too low.

Tomorrow I think I'll be sorting out laundry and getting caught up with it.
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