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Back to work

Oh well,

It was nice I suspose. The few days off work have done some good, I didn't realise how tired I was - lets just say I spent a lot of time sleeping. The 'post show meal' was okay, my pease pudding came out okay although I need a few more cooking utensils (a little improvisation). We saw a video of the show itself which I was dreading - out of the 4 attempts at recording it (2 at each show) only 1 complete one actually made it for one reason or another. My flute didn't sound as bad as I thought it did.

Other than that its been a quiet time, I got some cleaning done and a couple of tasks (nothing like I would have liked) but lots of sleep which hopefully will have helped. I do suspect that I could do with some more time off but its all I could really risk. I have glanced at my work email but not at the forum - there is a lot of forum posts to read through tomorrow and it looks like a couple of staff have messed something up big time.

Oh well, 9.00am meeting tomorrow. I'll be there with plenty of time (traffic allowing) but I think some of the academics will be grumbling about the 'early' start (some don't seem to start work until 10.00am at the earliest).
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