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Work and a silly observation

After having a new laptop for about two weeks a member of staff has apparently managed to break it. They found the problem on Monday and started raising hell with the main computing people (it would have been safety to wait for me to get back the next day). But of course they didn't.

Looks like their network card is broken (and the main computing people agreed). I got their files off the laptop and onto a spare desktop so the laptop can be sent back for a warrenty repair. How did I get the files off? I just copied them off via the network (which I couldn't find a fault with). I'm not bothering telling people, my story is I used a PCMCIA network card that I have and thats that. This member of staff is a nightmare user - they shouldn't be let near a computer in truth. Thats life though.

Tomorrow - normal work until late afternoon. I'm moving the webserver onto another machine as the bigger drives have finally arrived. Luckily I was able to get a couple of old Sun Ultra 10's of the main computer department (its who you know). As the server is a Sun Ultra 5 I can take the drives out of the Ultra 5 and put them directly into the Ultra 10 because the only difference between the two is the case. The Ultra 5 is a desktop case, the Ultra 10 a tower - sneaky eh;-)

Now for the silly observation, maybe not so silly but strange. Every couple of months or so I check websites for flights to visit (invade) the US. As a quick check I use Pittsburgh and San Francisco as my destinations. I used a 3(ish) week period in mid March to early April 07 with 'flexible' dates to improve the cost.

London to Pittsburgh (via New York) - £327.60
London to San Francisco (via Philadelphia) - £318.60 (I could go via Amsterdam for £5 cheaper)

So - that doesn't seem right but its close enough. They both would be slightly higher as a couple of charges are missing (which are about the same for both) - but it just doesn't seem right. I checked it twice and got the same result.

Werid - its almost £10 cheaper to fly across the US than it is to stop on the closer side.

Don't panic though - you're safe from me as I don't have the spare cash (I could get tickets on my credit card but I'm fairly sensible with money). Although in a couple of years if my situation doesn't radically change you could be in danger of invasion of a mad musician.
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