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Oh well

Yesterday I completely forgot about the team meeting at 9.00am - nothing to worry about but its annoying that I'm rushing so much to get some tasks done that I'm forgetting stuff like that.

Currently I have the webserver being rebuilt with Solaris 10 and I'm making it even more watertight security wise (unix makes it easier to do that anyway). I have another machine being the webserver currently so I have a bit of time. Add all the normal work I have to do and its getting rather busy in the period to Christmas.

I'm hopefully seeing my line manager on Friday and seeing the 'labs' that we'll (hopefully) have when we move campuses next year. Afterwards its the technicians christmas meal. Next week its one of my badmintons christmas 'meal' (need to make a chocolate log) and I also provide the musical backing for the tradional carol singing we have. There is also the psychology christmas do (quite a few staff get very drunk and often we hear the horror stories the next day).

Badminton tonight was interesting - I've wrenched something in my knee which makes it a bit stiff/painful when I do certain actions (pick up the shuttle from the ground). Its not too bad so I'm continuing to play but if it gets worse I'll stop for a week or so. With the Christmas break coming up it'll get a rest anyway.
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