madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

*counting to 10 again*

So called 'IT savvy students'

'The printer says Tray 2 Empty' - yes it is empty, but there is a ream of paper in trsy 3 and it carries on printing anyway.

'But it says Tray 2 Empty - yes it will if that tray is empty but it'll carry on printing because there is another tray full of paper....

repeat ad nausuem

Don't you just love the panic of impending deadlines - they'll find any excuse to delay working on the stuff.

Ack - just had a phone call from another panicing student - they did something (very) dumb.

Oh yes - question I had this morning. 'I submitted the essay online but I haven't received the email receipt - does it matter that I made a mistake on my email address'........
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