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Ceiling tiles and Christmas do

I spent most of the day at the main campus today. First up I needed to sort out a database for my manager - the PAT testers weren't downloading the data into it (not good) but it was a easy repair.

Then it was a look at whats probably going to be the psychology computer labs when we move next year (plus also where I'll be based as well). Then we started to look if the ducting and maybe even the cabling was in for attaching the camera in other labs. Shock horror we it was there but its setup quite strangly - although we now have a excellent idea of how its all cabled we now have to work out which wire is routed where (looks like one of my boxes of tricks is required).

Then at lunch it was the 'technicians christmas do' - we had a lovely meal at The Peacock. I can highly recommend it if anyone happens to be in the area.

Other than that, once I got back to my office and sorted through the stack of emails I had and a couple of minor problems its past time to go home and thats what I'm going to do in a few minutes.

Badminton later, then afterwards another quick drink.
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