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Its a busy week ahead....

I just realised how little time I'm going to have this coming week. I'm out/late home for one reason or another every night.

Monday - shopping and I need to do some 'cooking' for Thursday
Tuesday - would have been Music, now its a leaving do for someone at work.
Wednesday - Badminton (stress relief session, will be needed)
Thursday - Badminton (Wednesday's) Christmas do. Don't really want to go but I'm providing the backing music for the carol singing part.
Friday - Badminton

Last weekend wasn't too great, this one was slightly better but could have been better. Good bit is that there's only two weeks left until work closes for Christmas. Its closed until Janurary so maybe I can catch up with all the stuff I should get done.

No rest for the mad although its probably a good thing as it'll stop me getting annoyed at myself.
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