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Loop error on brain

My head is stuck in a loop and I can't work out how to knock it out of the loop. I probably need to make some decisions of some sort and/or get some of the mass of work (home and work) sorted out. I really hate it when this happens - I end up not doing much stuff but working hard. Maybe I'll sort out the problem(s) sooner or later or they may (if I'm lucky) just disappear of their own accord.

Currently at work my main task is to sort the webserver out - I'm rebuilding it but I need to change the main domain name of the site but keep the old name working to ensure we don't loose search ranking stuff (search for psychology degree on google and you'll see what I mean). The theory is easy but practice is a lot harder - most of it works but some parts aren't co-operating. I know the reason why but I can't solve the problem. We may just leave those ones as they work the same on both domains (the main pages will be 'top level' but they were in a sub directory before) so it shouldn't effect it.........

It doesn't help with annoying stupid requests and questions from staff, although there are less students this week and should be very few next week. At times I'm basically the person to complain to (because they can). The interesting fact is that I'm the only person who knows how all the systems interconnect and work (I built the entire setup and some of it is not 'standard') but (excluding sessional/teaching assistants staff) I'm the lowest paid of all. How do I know that - the pay scales are online. The 'scale' I'm on is a bit over 20% less than the lowest paid HE lecturer. Maybe thats one of the reasons for the loop. So.... if anyone knows of a job where they need a IT techie (unix admin, web admin, mysql/php programmer) then I could be interested (as long as they can put up with a madman) ;-)

Ah well, I suspose I should get some sleep for another enjoyable day - tomorrow night is Badminton christmas do. Not looking forward to it but I'm there for 'forms' sake and they need someone to provide backing music for the traditional carol singing at some point (need to dig out the music).
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