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Continuing on - 1 week until I see the specialist

One thing I hate at the moment is having to ask for help on something I have been able to do. On Sunday Mum came round, along with one of my sisters as I had to ask her to cut my hedge - problem being is that when I use the hedge trimmer the vibration of it amplifies the pain in my right hand. After a few minutes my right hand loses its ability to grip - which usually means the trimmer flying at my legs and me jumping out of the way before the trimmer takes a bite out of my leg.

So, mum was cutting the hedge, my sister picked some apples from the tree - I have a cooking apple tree and picking apples is also a problem with a busted wrist. I used to be able to climb around trees and pick fruit as I could easily climb around the tree picking - with one injured hand it makes it problematic.

What was I doing while all this was happening - I supplied mugs of tea and did my ironing. I suspose it must be true what my mum says - I'll make a great wife, I can cook, clean and iron.

Work today was, as predicatable, busy. I have not the time to get the stuff done I want - bits here and bits there. Each simple job comes out as an iceberg - 10% above water, 90% below. I'd like, just sometimes, a simple job to be simple. I had to move some webpages to another member of staff due to another leaving - he'd deleted all the stuff, including the pages. So a simple copy turns into a long restore - each restore takes almost 3 hours and I had to do two of them.

Oh yes, I also seem to be the counseller now as well. How come I always seem to be one calming people down. Another chunk of time gone - although the result was a calmer person afterwards and me wondering why the only person in the department who is not a psychologist is doing the calming down is a strange thought.

I think I need to find a hole and pull the cover over me. I'll get some peace that way and noone can have a go at me or need counselling or calming down or........

I never should have left being a filing clerk - that was a simple job without the hassle of people
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