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Another day done. Yet another long day arguing with the server I'm rebuilding. Tasks that should take an hour or so are taking a day (or few) - its getting there though, slowly but surely.

Badminton Christmas do was tonight. As usual I made a chocolate log - I tend to be generous with the chocolate which provides some fun when watching people try to cut it (lets just say its quite thick). Later we had the traditional Christmas carol singing. I provided musical backing (if you can call it that) with my clarinet.

Its the first time I've played my clarinet for quite a few months (due to the wrist). You could say its a bitter/sweet thing. The 'sweet' thing is that its such joy to play the clarinet - sure I play flute but I've played that particular clarinet for 11 years now and its a VERY nice clarinet to play. The 'bitter' part is that I can't play it for too long without it causing severe pain and making my right hand fingers ache so much I can't move them - also it tires me a lot quicker now (due to compensating for the wrist). Its annoying, very annoying, but I take what pleasure I can from playing.

All that said, I still am not overfond of going to the 'do'. I do like talking to some of the people who don't play anymore for one reason or another, but I still feel very out of place at time.

Anyway - very tired and another fun day to look forward to. Last day of lectures so only a few die hard students around next week (and probably few staff as well).
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