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Foggy Foggy Dew

Yet another fun day.

Its foggy here, and its going to be foggy tomorrow and maybe longer (local forcast has fog for the weekend). Airports have had a few problems (especially Heathrow. The wonder of driving to/from work. How many people don't know what fog lights are, some didn't even had side or headlights on. Luckily almost all the schools finished yesterday so traffic wasn't bad.

Still got this cold, still surviving on lemsip. IF it runs like colds normally do on me then it'll start to go tomorrow and by the end of the weekend. I'm annoyed with it as its making it hard for me to concentrate on a week where I could get a mass of work done (no students, very few staff). I missed badminton today as my joints ache too much - normally I try to play when I have a cold as it helps me fight it off. With a bit of luck I'll make it for the Friday badminton which should hopefully finish the cold off.

Work was okay today, still looking at the stack of work and wondering how to get it all done. Starting to plan what to take with me for the Christmas break (work closes Friday and reopens 2nd January). I should have the break but I'll be working as usual. I had a long 'meeting' with one member of staff this afternoon which 'wasted' a couple of hours. Although not really 'useful' in terms of work sorted/done it was a extremely useful meeting for the both of us. This member of staff is one of the rare ones who listens and works with me - although it has created me a fair amount of work it is INTERESTING work which is a heck of a lot better than some of the rubbish I have to deal with a lot of the other staff.

Oh well, time to finish this lemsip and find my bed. My head is acting stranger than usual due to the cold and its come up with some 'suggestions' for me which are definatly interesting and (for some people) probably surprising to them if I mentioned them (I doubt that would happen). Sometimes an illness does focus the mind on some of the things that annoy me - I tend to be pretty good at hiding those things and people tend not to notice.

Although..... I wouldn't recommend pushing my temper when I am ill, I have a lot less control than I normally do.
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