madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Continuing along

I was going to post something else - but I can't be bothered so it may appear in a few days of so (if I can be bothered).

Cold is on its way out. Colds with my don't last long with me, it'll be mostly gone by the end of the day tomorrow and fully shaken off by Sunday. Apart from needing a little extra sleep next week to recover (no work next week) and a slighly more painful wrist (than usual) for a week or so and thats it all done and dusted.

Got a fair amount of work done today, not as much as I'd liked but more than I 'expected'. Started doing the 'year end' stuff I do every year to ensure the labs are secure and servers prepared. Still very foggy around here, I don't mind driving in it, but there are quite a few idiots who drive like its perfect conditions who make it a little 'annoying'. I have a few photos which I'll upload at some point (I took them after changing the pollen traps over - it was quite cold and slippy on the roof today).

The plan for the final day at work this year is the same as the last few years. Finish the 'year end' stuff I need to do, pack some 'homework' to do and generally ensure everything is 'ship shape and Bristol fashion'. At lunch we now have a tradition - there is generally two of us in on the 'last day' so we go and have a pub lunch. Looks like there may be a couple more around so they'll probably come as well.

Oh, one last thing - there is a small chance that I may be able to afford to visit the US next year (probably April/May time) but I'll have to see how my finances are in the next couple of weeks before I can make definate plans. But where in the US should I go.
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