madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,


I really need to keep my head active. When its 'left alone' it tends to consider things which I find (at times) hard to dismiss. Some of the 'ideas' and the reasoning would probably surprise quite a few people (and also would pick holes in the reasoning) but quite often I can't find any good reason myself to dismiss it.

Like a unix system stuff is left one 'low' priority and when needed they 'exit' out and report. Maybe its just the way my head works - I'm often accused of spending too much time analysing a situation/problem etc but its always worked our the best way for me. But there is these damn side effects which go against what a lot of people may think.

Oh well, thats the life of a madman I suspose.

Tomorrow (well its today now) I have to sort out my nephews new laptop and sort out ip forwarding/routing on ipfilter. Its annoying me more as I haven't needed my networking routing knowledge for several years so its severely rusty.
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