madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,


At last I finally got the hang of ipfilter and its now happily routing traffic instead of my other firewall machine which is starting to die big time. Turns out I was doing the right thing to the wrong network port. This machine has 5 network ports so I could be forgiven (I'm only using 3 of the network ports). Now its a matter of setting all the other stuff up on that box - its also going to be my server and webserver 'test' box. I still need to work on the routing a bit more and secure it more - but thats easier now I have a working configuration.

Other than that its been a 'quiet' day. I have a painful shoulder - either I wrenched something or I slept on it awkwardly but its painful if I carry anything with that arm. I went to badminton yesterday anyway - I needed the exercise. Although it didn't help my arm much, it did help me more than the extra arm pain.

Less than 24 hours until a new year. Where is the time going too, it hasn't seemed that long ago when this year started. Definatly a busy year next year - work is moving campuses and guess who has several labs and servers to move and politics to work though during it.
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