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1st day of 2007

Well, the first day of 2007 is almost done. Not a bad day although part of it was ensuring everything I need to take to work with me tomorrow is ready. Spent a good portion of the day at my parents (invited for dinner) and the afternoon playing games with my mother and eldest sister. Although not exactly a quiet day its been relaxing enough.

Tomorrow its back to work and (as usual) I have to hit the ground, not so much as running - more of a mad sprint. There is a fair amount of stuff to get done but not exactly enough time to get it done. I just hope not many people are around so I have some chance of sucess.

Once more to the battlezone known as work. I need to write a list of tasks to do at work and try to sort some out. One thing that will happen is this campus move and I can foresee a lot of academics grumbling about it and I expect I'll have to listen to all the complaints.

Anyone want to lay bets on how long it'll take me to start to want to kill people?

PS Thanks babyghia and zola for the cards. They arrived last Wednesday and Friday respectively.
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