madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Mirror mirror on the disk........

My main task for today is to set up the mirrors on the webserver I'm rebuilding. I admit that I should have done this earlier (but I wasn't too sure how to do it) and I still have to work out how to do the 'root' partition (the boot drive).

Its actually not too hard to do (root parition is the exception) but boy does it take time to do. Copying the data back takes time and the drive has to 'resync' itself (as its just been setup). It'll be worth it in the end though.

The UPS battery is reported 'dead' so hopefully they'll be replaced before we have any problems with power. The 'quote request' is already in and the subject head says he'll sign it off. So, we'll have them in a month or so (hopefully) - I could have replacements here within a day or two but the red tape is stupid. With UPS's you can't be too careful as its a big line of defence for the servers.

Oh well, badminton tonight - first of the year. Hopefully I can shake some of the aches and pains out of my body with a few decent games.
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