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I came very close to strangling people today. I admit that its not really a big thing but its quite annoying for me.

Basically we have a custom header/footer thats attached to 'module' pages. These are webpages to do with a module that are created by the module leader. Some staff use a system I created with php/mysql. Now thats not too much, for years we've used 'mod_layout' which does the job. On the upgraded system I'm creating I gave up trying to install mod_layout as it just wouldn't compile and the support was almost non-existant. So, after some research I found another programme that does this task and works exactly how I need it to work. I spent a long time configuring it and setting it up so it works perfectly.

Today, it was decided (in about 20 seconds) not to use it. So, two days of hard graft setting up then configuring everything plus creating a few related things just wasted with less than 1/2 a minutes discussion.

I really want to kill a few people but thats life. Its just annoying especially as I know what a mess it'll be create when people can't get back to the home page because (even though they've been told) staff haven't added in the link back to the main pages (most still don't add in when they last updated the page).
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