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Stuck with a cold - still going on full

Well, a day of cold. Not fun, bunged up, every joint aches and because of that my wrist hurts even more than usual. Maybe I should have 'phoned in sick, but thats not me. If I can get into work then I'll do some. Not as much as usual, but work all the same. I'd rather be doing something than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.

At lunch it was quite silly, out of the department there about half must be in some stage of cold. Either recovering or as bad as me. A couple have been trying to throw it off for a couple of weeks. Usually colds don't last long with me. I was hoping to go to badminton tonight - sweating it out of me usually works wonders, but the joint aches forced me to drop that plan.

Okay, the plan for tomorrow - install one computer and move two new ones to their allotted homes. If I get time, grab the data off another machine and install that. I doubt I'll get that done, but a plan is a plan and every item finished is one less to do another day.

Even at half strength I can get something done, even if its less than a day when I'm at full strength. Just keep taking the cold relief stuff and power through - not pretty or an intelligent 'plan'. Just a pure and simple brute force method - not my normal style but brute force has its time and place. This is its time and place.
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