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Why on earth am I tired, I've not exactly been rushing around although and work isn't exactly stressful at the moment (wanting to kill a few less people as well). The problem is the same - I'm still way too tired.

So... tonight I think I'll miss music, I know I should go but I'm tired, my wrist is hurting and playing a flute will not be a good idea. Tomorrow I'll have to consider going to badminton but I'll probably go as its less of a problem (and I can leave early unlike music).

So, I'm off home in a bit, followed by finding something to eat and find something to do this evening, maybe a bit of house cleaning and do some sums on my finances. The car tax and tv license bills arrived yesterday and I want to see if I have the money now or when I get paid (the former would be better).

Yet another depressing post for me, I really need to work on cheering myself up. I'm not sure if its the poor weather, lack of a proper winter, something else or a combination.
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