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Cold is on its way out


Luckily the cold is lasting as long as the others ones I've had. I had the worst day yesterday, today I mangaged without medication - although I did finish the last sachet off to ensure I didn't fall asleep at work. I'll catch up on my sleep this weekend, I'm not planning to do much except recover.

Work was interesting - simple jobs keep on exploding into long hauls. The computer moves didn't happen today for one reason or another. Maybe I'll get them done tomorrow, if I'm feeling up to it. Next week is 'directed studies' so most students won't be around to annoy me and I may even catch up some of the ground I've lost. Monday is when I also go to the specialist - what a shame, I may miss the Monday meeting.

Finally - soon it'll be October 21st. A VERY important day for Britain as its the 200th aniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in which the Royal Navy, led by Lord Horatio Nelson, smashed the combined French and Spanish fleets which saved Britain from invasion from Napoleon's armies. This allowed Britain to fight back via the Peninsular War which, eventually led to Wellington's victory at Waterloo. You'll have to forgive the flag waving, but it is a very important aniversary. More so to me as I'm a military tactics person - especially naval ones. Its an interesting fact that the Royal Navy wasn't threatened for almost 100 years after Trafalgar.

More about Trafalgar and Waterloo on the link below from the BBC
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