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I was told this morning that the session thats being run in the Computer lab tomorrow will need a certain program installing (Course Genie).

Of course, its not on the computers as students don't need it (its a student lab). Now, its not just a matter of installing it - the machines are locked down tight. So tight not even administrator can install. I can remove the locks but it takes a while to do so.

So, the only plan I can think of (and carrying out) is to install a fresh copy of XP, MS Office and Course Genie (which links into word). Now, I'll get one machine running and image disk to disk (up to network and back down will take to long). So, I'm building one machine, imaging it to another then those two can image to 2 others.......

Now, if I had a modern server I could create a package and remotely install it - but that would be too easy wouldn't it. I haven't enough work to do as it is have I.

Okay back to the panic stations, I suspect I'll be leaving late tonight.

Edit: Okay, disk to disk is not playing. I've built a mini network to minimise speed loss and hoping I can get this done. Lab looks a nightmare with network cables all over the place. I can only do 7 machines at a time so I hope this works......

Edit2: The madcap plan seems to be working - although the lab is a assault course with all the cables strung around it
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