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Another week done

Somehow I got the lab up and running for the workshop today - a few hours later and I'm back reimaging the whole damn lab again so I can have it ready for the exam next week. I've changed my plan for imaging and speeded everything up by using a mini hub and a machine grabbed from another lab I cut the image download to about an hour (3 - 4 hours before). I still have to finish the lab on Monday but the bulk of the machines are reimaged. Now, if I could get back the two days I'll have wasted by the time its done they I'd be pleased.

Needless to say, by the time I left work I was seriously tired and aching. The knee I've wrenched and my ankle were hurting, my left shoulder was aching (I bashed it on Tuesday) and to top it all my wrist and hand were seriously painful so I wasn't exactly in a good mood.

One thing I have realised - I need to have a holiday this year. The couple of weeks I had off last year didn't 'work' so I need to ensure I (a) take holiday and (b) ensure I'm doing stuff so I don't think about work. I think I need a good break to get recharged as I'm constantly overloading at work and its getting harder and harder to concentrate.
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