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Frontpage Rant

How to waste a good portion of the day.

I'm still setting this server up - I'm taking my time and getting it set up correctly and sorting out the filesystem etc. Its tedious and boring but needs to be done and once I've finished the server will be a lot easier for me to administer.

I've been trying to work out why Frontpage isn't publishing the main webpages (someone else deals with the main webpages). When I asked him to test upload to the rebuilt server it just came back with 550 (Requested action not taken. File unavailable). Permissions were fine but nothing was working, web searches are bringing up nothing useful.

Finally it clicked - We've been using 'root' for uploading the main pages (yes I know its not secure but its a long story and I'm changing it back to a 'normal' account). Frontpage works from the users 'home' directory and it doesn't like absolute paths. So, instead of following orders (publish /home/docs/xxxx) it decided to do (publish home/docs/xxxx) - missing the first '/' means its working from the users home directory so it was going '/home/< username >/public_html/home/docs/xxxx'.

You know the REALLY annoying thing, we can't find a way of telling Frontpage to use the absolute path even though we're using the correct ftp sequences. If anyone know it please let me know so I can file it for future reference.

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