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First time back to music for a few weeks. I've missed a few because of work (forgot the time), tiredness and bad wrist. Add the Christmas break to that and it must be a month or so and as I haven't practised (bad me) I'm a little rusty. Good news, we have a new clarinet player (I've met him before and he's the husband of one of the cello players). Bad news, I found out that the concert day is different to the one I have and it may be I won't be able to play in it if one of my plans works - which could be difficult for the group.

Overall it was a decent practise, my wrist is aching now (pulse like pain currently) and the last bit of the last piece we played I had pins and needles which made it interesting when I was trying to finish, add that to a bout of crap in my little finger earlier on (during a rather complicated part) and I had some fun.

Not bad going since after not playing for so long. I'm planning on missing badminton tomorrow (and probably Friday too) to rest my knee so I may get close to finishing the puzzle my parents got me for Christmas (and its a pain of a puzzle as I'll probably bore everyone about another time).

I think a early night is called for - I have a few tasks to do tomorrow morning so the labs are ready for the exam in the afternoon (computer based exam). I still have to load the exam programme on the server but it should only take a few minutes and hasn't been a problem yet (bets for a problem occuring?).

I'm exhausted now - but its a GOOD exhausted (instead of the usual reasons).
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