madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

First day of lectures....

Today is when the students are back for lectures and of course its a pain in the neck.

I was 'late' arriving (I arrived at 8.50am and I start at 9.00am - but I like to be there for 8.30am) and there was someone waiting for me when I arrived as they needed a projector (or course they hadn't booked it so I didn't know). So, within the next 5 minutes two other people had needed help of some type and before I know it most of the morning had gone. There was a presentation made by a interviewee at 11 and I had to get a projector set up (the same one as used earlier). The person had managed to mess one of the leg locking bit so it wouldn't stay out - a few pieces of torn paper later and its fudged.

I didn't even get a decent lunch break as other staff disturbed me as they needed laptops. In theory it should get easier a
Tags: work
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