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Music bag

My battered music bag has just had a happy time. I've sorted all the 'old' music out of it and sorted all the current music (stuff we're using, stuff for concert). Although there's a mess of stuff at the back that still needs going through its looking a lot better.

The music I've sorted out - thats gone into the expandable file folder I have for sorting music out. I'm the 'master of music' at the music group - in other words I have the fun task of sorting out the music for the group. Sounds good, unfortunatly the music is not exactly in a sorted state. I'm slowly going through the music cupboard, sorting all the music I've found into the correct folders and noting what music we have in each piece. Now, some of this music is OLD, and I mean SERIOUSLY old so we need to know if we can play it (ie old music tends to have Clarinet and Trumpet in A where we have mostly B flat instruments available). Last part is I get a short amount of time to sort through this stuff as well - I'm bringing a bit home and sorting, then doing the next bit etc. Its a slow job but out of the group, I'm probably the only one with the patience and stubborness to do it.

Mind you, my music bag itself is no longer packed out and I'll be able to find my music quickly now.
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