madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Another Weekend gone too soon

Isn't it always the same, you could do with an extra day (or few). Saturday wasn't much of a day - I badly overslept and ended up being sleepy all day. I needed the sleep but I think I needed to be awake earlier. Saying that it wasn't too bad as a fair amount of housework got done.

Sunday has been better, I even managed an hour or so in the garden. The back garden badly needs sorting out as it has a lot of stuff that needs throwing in the trash. I have a brown wheelie bin which is for garden waste and is mostly filled up now. Its collected once a fortnight by the council with the 'blue box' recyclable stuff. The other week its the black bin which is all the other waste.

The only problem I have with gardening is my wrist/hand. After using it for a period of time with 'heavy' work it rapidly loses strength and grip so gardening becomes quite painful and difficult. I think I need to sort out a way where I can garden 'little and often' so I don't kill the wrist off - annoying but I need to find a way to get the garden sorted. I like gardening and it does annoy me that I can't just spend a day working on it.

Tomorrow its back to the grind. Looks like I have a couple of minor things to sort out when I get to work, then its grinding away at the pile of work I have on my desk. So, I think this week its finish the rebuild on Lab 2. Maybe I can get the MSc Lab redone as well. Those shouldn't take 'too' long and then I can look at sorting the main lab out (again) but all this depends on what staff and students manage to break;-)
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