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I've said if before and I'll say it again - why don't people tell me of a problem (who can solve/repair it) instead of complaining to everyone else.

Basically there are a few of my systems that needed patching today after the webserver was upgraded last week. For techie people its to do with the php 'register globals directive. Turning it off breaks several of my older systems. My newer ones are written better (due to my increased knowledge of php).

So, out of the whole department who could update their whereabouts I had 1 person ask me about it (a few had already updated). Out of the 8 or so people who had trouble with my module system only 1 person asked me about it (this person was hamstringed by another of my old systems).

Now, I have no trouble putting my hand up and saying it was my fault - the fix is to add 4 lines in some of the files (6 in some others but they are 'file upload' scripts). You would think that people would let me know about the problems - instead of grumbling to other people about it, why not tell me? I try to be omnipresent but I just haven't made it yet.

Well, in an hour or so I'm off to Kedleston Road campus to 'be around' while a person looks if a place for the pollen traps is okay for them - so, its a walk outside and quite high up. That'll waste a good portion of the afternoon.
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