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This is getting silly

Sometimes I do wonder.

First the good news. The cold is almost done, apart from the needed extra sleep the cold is on its last legs, it'll be gone very soon.

Now the other part. Work is still at top speed, I should be able to pull back some of the backlog next week (I hope). We have some students doing a weeks residential course next week. Luckily there aren't many so I shouldn't be needed much. A few staff are taking time off as well, so that'll lessen the possible disturances as well.

Now the silly part - the subject manager dropped by today and gave me a fan which was missing the fan part. He said 'it doesn't work but see what you can do with it. If you get it working then we can use it for demonstrations. Don't spend too much time on it though'. GREAT 'don't spend too much time' - just stripping the damn thing down and checking the basics will take most, if not all of a morning. If I get it working (its only a motor so unless its burn't out I should be able to repair it easily) I'll have to fabricate a way of locking something onto the motor arm (which is smooth). I think I have a way of doing that........

I just don't know, I'm past worrying about it now. I get what I can do done, and the hell with it.

Oh, we had the normal request today - can I do the techie stuff for the Osteoporsis conference but I'm not sure I want to do it. My wrist/hand may not be able to manage it for a start. But its boring and really annoying at times. One of the speakers is a surgeon from my local hospital. He's VERY good at his job, but within 10 seconds of meeting him I wanted to punch him. He treated me like a piece of dirt on the floor - people like that, no matter how good at a job don't deserve their place. A few manners goes a long way. Looking after the 'low' people reaps big benefits. The difference can be amazing - I know, I've experienced both types as managers and observed both types. I have found out via other people (who took the time to talk to me and also thank me) thats he's hated by most people who work for him - that is thanks to me being polite to people. Not because I have to be, because its what I'm like.

Oh yes - one advantage to doing the techie work is I get free meals at the place where the conference is - ha, what a joke - I spend the time getting everything ready for the afternoon sessions and by the time thats finished lunch is over!!!!!!!!!!!
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