madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

The higher the manager the more forgetful.....

I was told this meeting was at 2.00pm at Kedleston Road. So, I catch the campus bus at 1.00pm which gets there are 1.30pm - which gives me 1/2 hour to grab a cuppa tea and settle my head down.

Then I get to his office and find out the meeting is at 3.00pm. Not worth going back to Mickleover so I spend an hour wandering around the site. Talked to a couple of people which was quite useful, but still I wasted too much time today.

Life is life and management are there to annoy us. Meeting was good though, place for the pollen traps seems fine so its now getting quotes etc (which isn't my problem). I need to measure the current setup but that won't take long.

Okay - back to work
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