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Work & Music madness

Another day at work thats worth forgetting. A couple of students went a bit stupid on the forum at work and I had to flex the administrator powers a bit - I think they both got the message after the second post said "and no 'I'm getting the last word in' type posts either". They want to be treated like adults but don't act like it. Thats life I suspose.

I finally have the servers behaving again - I have a old server that was acting as a 'go between' for the unix webserver and the Microsoft network. Due to the way I got it working it wasn't ideal but it worked. I finally twigged on how to sort it - basically the webserver has now a split personality - it appears as two different computers on two different IP addresses. So, a set of adjustments and its working perfectly (just about). Silly thing is that for each 'real' network interface on this box I could have up to 256 different IP addresses.

Silly thinking - 1 No. Ultra 10 with all 4 PCI slots filled with Quad Ethernet Cards = 16 network points + 1 onboard NIC = 4352 possible IP addresses for a single machine. Or if all the ports were combined into a single virtual NIC at 100Mb/s then it would be 1.66Gb/s max. Not sure if the computer would be much good for anything else if it was running that sort of stuff.

Well, this evening it was music as usual. Conductor happier as I can now make the concert (and not leave a big hole as I'm the only flute player and also 'fill' in gaps where needed). There was not many people there tonight but we had a decent time and its quite nice at times to have a smaller group as its easier to practice - but there are holes where we're missing parts.

Oh well, tired now and I think an early night is called for tonight as music does tire me out a fair bit.
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