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Meeting annoyances

Work today was a bit of a mess. I got some stuff done but nowhere near what I wanted (thats new isn't it :-D). We had out fortnightly 'team meeting' and today the acting-assistant-dean was there. Like the department this person originates from this person has the annoying ability of saying in 3 - 5 paragraphs what could be said in 2 sentances. Therefore that made the meeting longer. Then we have the people who argue the same point several times even though the decision has been made (please note that these are the people who always complain about the length of the meetings). In the end the meeting lasted 2 hours - a record.

Before the meeting I'd gone into the city to get replacement power supplies for some Biopac units which were needed this afternoon/evening. Annoyingly I needed 3 supplies and could get only 2 - the problem here is that although getting 12V dc regulated units is easy. Getting ones which have a load of 1000Ma is not. Luckily 2 were sufficient for the task.

I think I need to list the programming/installation tasks I have to do and work on sorting them out, I need to get several 'tasks' sorted and its 'dataset' time of year again. Less time as well this semester (yes I know thats my fault). One good point on the datasets is the academic who wants them realises what is important for me on this (as we've done this quite a few times) and therefore its getting easier to do. However - we have not yet worked out an 'easy' way to get a correlation to emerge. That one always takes time to get right.

Oh well, battlestations for tomorrow and music in the evening - might even try to get to badminton on Wednesday night as my knee feels a lot better.
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