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That was a useless day

Well, a wasted day today.

I had my appointment with the specialist today. I walked as the roadworks are tough and its the first day of the new bus arrangments - they closed the bus station so they can knock it down and build a new one (nothing wrong with the old one other than it needed a lick of paint, clean and forcing the bus drivers to park correctly). Anyway, I got there and the specialist, looked at the results of the nerve test, rechecked the xrays and said that surgery wouldn't solve anything here. I got a wrist support and another appointment in 4 months as well as a couple of suggestions to lessen the impact on my wrist.

Basically - can do nothing, we'll check in a few months. So, I'm still stuck with a wrist which I cannot trust to be even slightly reliable. Not to mention the inability to hold my clarinet for extended lengths (looks like the Eb will be used as its lighter). Calling on parents to help with gardening and carefully planning computer moves at work.

Work was also disjointed (no pun intended). Another new member of staff started so it was setting up the computer and doing my 'intro' talk. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive - it can't get much worse.
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