madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Snow Fun

We have a bit of snow here. I mean a BIT. They reckon we could get a maximum of 2 inches around this area as it has already dumped most of the snow down south.

The annoying thing here is that how quickly everyone panics and stuff gets closed/cancelled. Its not exactly hard to drive out there - I drove to work today and it wasn't hard as the roads were gritted. But a lot of people cannot drive well in bad weather.

I took some pictures of work in the snow - as its the last year this campus will be here and I may post them at some point.

I just want to ban Chelsea Tractors and anyone who is unable to switch their lights on and/or only clean a tiny bit of windscreen on their car.

*cue singing of Winter Wonderland*

Edit Heading for the pollen traps on the roof in a few minutes - might take a few more pictures from there.
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