madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Onward the PAT Tester army.

Strange work day today,

I've not long returned from the main campus where I was helping my manager get some information of the PAT (Portable Appliance Testing - electrical safety testing) database. We started a 'new' database last year to try and cut down the number of errors but some slight problems have occured.

We started looking and discovered a duplicate number - but couldn't locate one of the items. Firstly myself and my manager went a-looking in the office the equipment should be. We didn't find it, so we went to the nearby offices to see if the wrong room was entered (it happens we all do it). We found nothing and so we went and found the person who tested equipment - two people did it as its easier (and less boring) if two of you are working on it.

Eventually there were all four of us 'invading' rooms and looking at equipment. After giving up and going back to the technician base office one of the others worked out where it was. Staff move offices and equipment moves with them etc - the 'local' tester has this knowledge so we had 'found' it.

Now, this shows up a problem - the 'new' database is already buggy and needs sorting out. So, guess which person is going to dive in and clean up this mess - yep its me. In truth I'm the only one who can efficiently do this, it'll be boring but I do have a slight advantage - the PAT database is stored in MS Access format so I can adjust the data in that more quickly than the PAT software itself. Also, the PAT Machines are being calibrated so I have a 'gap' to get some sort of order into the system.

Now, if I can find the time to do this and other work I'll be happy. I think I'll be doing some of this at home as its easier and quieter - stops be getting bored I suspose.

Oh yes - I need to write some basic procedures we all use the same 'base' settings.
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