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I went to badminton last night and managed to hit myself quite stupidly. I was going for a net kill where I think the racket slipped and wacked my right hand between the a couple of bones - it was very painful for a few seconds (must have hit a nerve too). It was funny afterwards and we had some really fun games (and some really weird shots). I'm glad I went as it shows that my knee, although not fully healed, can manage badminton twice a week.

Today, I'm having a 'lazy' day. I've not done that much today and in just under 1/2 hour the next set of matches in the Six nations starts. Two this afternoon (England V Italy - England should easily win), later its Scotland V Wales (tough one to call). Tomorrow its Ireland V France (another tough one).

Well, its build up time and expect the 'blood replacements' to be needed today.
Tags: badminton, sixnations
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