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Work and an evening rest

What should be a simple install task often turns into a long battle. One piece of software we use is E-Prime - its basically a programming language for creating computer based experiments. We've had it a few years but its not been used as we haven't had anyone with the expertise (and I haven't had the time to learn it). We have now have an E-prime expert (although the 'expert' part is debatable) and I'm setting the program up for the small lab (5 computers). Simple - build one machine, install the programmes and updates, adjust the main student profile to suit and image it across to the other machines.

Problem - E-prime uses a hardware dongle which doesn't work with XP 'out of the box'. The support from the makers of both the dongle and E-prime is less than useless. After wasting most of the day I finally find a download with the dongle driver on and get the damn thing installed. I could not do with that amount of wasted time. The older versions of windows didn't need it but XP is XP. I'm not looking forward to Vista at the moment, there is a lot of disquiet about it on a couple the lists I'm on at work (mainly UK University people). Time will tell and I hope I'm wrong but its been causing a lot of problems to people who have setup test systems.

Tomorrow I'm spending a good portion of the day at the main campus. Mainly to set all the faculties PAT test machines so they have the same settings (they are back from their yearly calibration). Then we are looking at a set of possible desks for the lab when we move to the main campus. Nothing have been agreed with the main computing department about our systems (which managers need to sort out quickly).

By the way, the move is 'planned' for June - for the first time I can ever remember the information from my 'spy network' and what we're hearing from the management are saying the same thing. We won't know for certain until the 'move plan' is published. Needless to say, it'll be busy for me (should that be busier than the usual busy?). I did ask my manager if we could move during April - the answer was 'no', but he saw my reasoning. I couldn't get away with that but at least it was worth trying :-D

This evening was nice, no music as its 'half term' so I've had a calm evening just sitting around relaxing. Tomorrow evening is badminton but its nice to have an 'extra' evening. Just before the rushing around at work. Going to another campus is usually draining to me - but at least I can get a tasty and nicely priced lunch.

Oh well, off to bed in a short while, need my rest.
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