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Long day

Another day that has not gone to plan. Went over to meet my manager at the main campus about PAT stuff and the move. Left Mickleover late and ended up spending a lot longer over there than I wanted to. Not long been back and a stack of emails awaiting me.

Done a lot of walking today as myself and my manager walked to another campus (close by) and trying to work some stuff out there. Basically the staff there are moving to the new campus and it looks like we'll grab the computer desks (which are better than the ones we have) for when we move.

To cap it all, the bus driver took the wrong route back to Mickleover and wasted about 10 minutes having to correct that error. Its been a long day and I may miss badminton tonight as I'm seriously drained.

Edit: Not going to badminton - driving to my best friends house to help him with something. Hopefully not too hard as I'm tired and only have time for a quick meal and I already have low energy.
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