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Traffic Trouble

When I was just packing up to leave work I heard the latest travel report. Pride Park was seriously gridlocked, and that caused major problems in the city. Although my route home only skirts around the city I quickly found out that it was going to be a long wait in a queue.

So..... I drove a slightly different way, which took me back towards work and via a strange, weird and convoluted set of moving I finally ended up at home. Its hard to describe the route but you would certainly say it was 'interesting'.

I prefer to be moving rather in a jam so as long as I listen to the local travel reports and have my reserve routes and divertions then I usually only get caught in the odd place and for not long. I'll admit that my routes can get strange but in the end I get home.

When I move campuses then I'll be on the bus or walking or a combination of both so I'll have more options. Right - time to make my evening meal, its 'fry up' night tonight.
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