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Bit of a silly time at badminton tonight. I seemed to be in a rather 'do or die' mode which is usually quite funny. At one point I hit a shot, fell over and managed to hit another shot while sitting on the floor - which won the rally and provided a fair amount of disbelief. In truth all I did was put my racket up and was lucky that the the return shot was not punched over my head so I could just get the racket to it. 9 times out of 10 if you manage to get the racket to the shuttle when close to the net it'll carry back over the net (as it did this time).

I had quite a few mad rallies with me doing my crashing around/last gasp returns. It was one of those days and quite enjoyable to boot.

Work was not so fun, annoyed at a laptop which has a rubbish network port so I couldn't image it. I'll dig out the PCMCIA network card on Monday and do it then. Was that sort of day - simple tasks turning into major battles.

As quoted from someone whose name escapes me. 'The plan lasts as long as first contact with the enemy'.

Okay - off to bed, I need a good long sleep.
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